7.62x54R Russian Armor Piercing 7H13, 7H26, 7N37 Cutaways

7.62x54R Russian Armor Piercing 7H13 (PP) with purple neck and red primer sealant, 7H26 (BP) with red neck and primer sealant. Both of these have U12A type steel with heat treatment, a hardened steel core. So are these the same bullet?
7H37 with black neck and primer sealant and a KB8 (92% tungsten 8% cobalt) tungsten carbide core. The tungsten core is the heaviest that I have found so far at 7.3g for 7.62mm. (M993/AP8 is 5.91g, Ruag P/T? 308 at 5.6g, and New Lennox 6.0g.) Has anyone weighed the MEN 151?
Thanks for looking. wolfganggross


The WW2 BS-40 is said to have a 8.1 gram core.

I have a 7.62X54R that has a white tip(steel copperwashed case)
Date of 1975
Is it an AP, or what?


What is the headstamp? Side view? Photo?

White tip highly magnetic copper jacketed bullet
Red primer and mouth sealant.
(got the year number switched around)
Cannot get a picture at this time


This is a reference / ballistic standard load.

Hello Sirs,
mostly, russian made AP core are produced from general tool steel.
All russian producers exept Vympel, usually make core with steel wire-drawing. Its very cheap, fast and possible to produce hundered millons in easy way.
The latest ceramic cores are made by Virial Ltd from Sant-Petersburg. It used for AP sniper bullets but very expensive and its non regular orders, I suppose due to the high price vs simple steel-wire core.

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Great work wolfgang! I really like these.

More information & pics on 7n37:


The 7n37s I got had a bullet weight similar to other heavy ball 7.62x54R ammo, about 182gr.