7.62x54r sections

I did these a while back but just took some new pictures and thought others might be interested. These were the first, and only, sections I’ve done. I need to practice more and get back into it. Enjoy.

Soviet 1986 steel case steel core light ball

Steel case lead core light ball. I’m not sure about this. It’s Soviet WWII era cases, but packed by Yugoslavia. I suspect they reloaded it also since the Soviets never loaded lead light ball to my knowledge.

Hungarian 1987 steel case steel core light ball

Yugoslavian 1976 brass case lead core heavy ball

Nice sections. Almost as good as my own! The Soviets most certainly did load lead core light ball, right up through WWII. The steel core “LPS” light ball did not appear until the 1950’s. As far as I know, the Yugo re-packs are 100% original Soviet rounds.


My mistake, the Type L was lead core. My brain’s about fried from reading about cartridges the last week.

The LPS was adopted in 1953.