7.62x54R USC Co box


Another gun show treasure. This is a $2 falling apart box containing only 7 rounds, I only have the top as a readable part. Is this copper pointed tip an early AP attempt? Any pictures of an intact box? I assume it is a military contract.



Vlad–No, the copper point had nothing to do with Armor Piercing. It was just a way to make the bullet expand. Remington always loaded their 7.62 Russian with a Bronze Point. Not sure what Winchester did.


So this is a hunting load, made for US market?



Here’s the USC Co bullet.

Remington used the Umbrella Point before the Bronze Point. Winchester used the Protected Point Expanding, and Peters was loaded with their Protected Point. These were all patented compound bullets. They have ben discussed on previous threads as well as in my article in JOURNAL #445.



Here’s mine. I’ve never understood why it looks to be a mismatched set (top and bottom) but I got it for cheap enough that I was happy.


It looks mismatched because it is - most likely a shooter had several boxes of these and not being a box collector, wasn’t concerned with keeping the correct tops and bottoms together. That back sealing label is never in the exact same spot on any two otherwise matching boxes, so switching the tops results in the label halves not lining up.


Hendere, your box is so better than mine!!!


I’m pretty sure I paid more than two bucks though!