7.62×54R with three flash holes

This may not be fresh for everybody,I was surprised find that the 7.62×54R Manufactured by factory 671 in 1954 has three flash holes.
Glad if this is helpful for some.


Magnum, thanks!
Is the 3 flash hole case also known from other Chinese manufacturers?

So far I know only of 1953 and 1954 production by factory #671 (7.62x54R).
Do you happen to know of any other years?

Looking to your picture…
The standard flash holes are swaged during the case head forming process (from outside to inside) and the third one is drilled from inside to outside…see the excessive material in the middle of the anvil. It’s not accidentaly made…it’s done on purpose.
Cheers Tomas

No other manufacturer,not yet.And also didn’t find any other years

Thank you for these details!

Trabifun, I disagree.
Berdan Flash holes are drilled from the Cap chamber, by a special drill set up, where the case is rotated to index 180° for spacing.
There is a film/ video of case drilling ( France, 1937 circa) 7.5x54, along with the swageing and trimming of solid Balle D.
The central hole in this 671 example, is a throwback to the early Roth patent anvil with central flash hole ( only)…an early aid for Berdan reloading (Austria, Netherlands, Portugal, Greece etc)
(All countries supplied by Steyr and G.Roth PatronenFabrik, and regularly reloaded Ball cases for Training and Blanks…at least before WWI…some till WWII)

671’s drilling of the anvil in these Brass cases (early 1950s only…by late 50s had switched to USSR design copper-layered steel cases)
may be an experiment to increase ignition efficiency for the relatively poor powder found in 1950s production ( bad powder seen in 7.62x25 cartridges, two flash hole as well).
Whilst KMT-produced NC powders were average, the KMT also imported Powder from USA during 1937-49 period.
After 1949, the new regime lacked the technical expertise in Ammo making in general to produce good powder…until the Soviets gave a hand…and when the Soviets were
“Withdrawn”…the PRC was improved enough for Good ammo production on the 60s onwards.

Central flashhole drilling is also an amateur way of making Berdan cases ( especially 7.62x54R, with a larger primer (.254") and anvil, ) easily reloadable by a center decapping pin.
Interesting variation…Were these cases decapped after initial firing?? and found with extra central flashhole?

Btw, whilst Boxer primer Pockets may be “punched”, ( quality brass is drilled), Berdan are almost always drilled ( small punches have very high failure rates)…only
??? I think??? 6.5 Carcano cases
MAY be punched BEFORE anvil is formed from inside…and leaves slightly oval flash holes…details of
Original manufacturing processes may be in Italian (Capua/Terni) Archives???


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Why 3 holes? Isn’t 2 holes enough for primer to ignite the powder?

Sksvlad…not if the powder has a poor NC conversion percentage
(14-15% is optimum, less is like movie film ( nitrate film), more is like Guncotton…Explosive.
The chemistry and history of propellant powder manufacture is
complicated and filled with explosive failures…

Some 20-30mm cases have three flashholes at 120° spacing.

Doc AV

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Here is a new found.Factort 31 blank case with three flash holes,I think I have the necessary to check more case…


Magnum, interesting in two ways! The flash holes and also the additional dots on 3h and 9h position.

A clearer picture of the dots,only have been found on the blank case of factory 31


Are these regular 54mm cases?
If so could you weigh this one and compare it to a standard Chinese brasse case?

Yes,also 54mm case.But,sorry I don’t have the equipment to weigh…

That’s blank.

Sheng, thanks a lot for these images! Most interesting to see.
The two on the right have grooves on the lower end of the case necks.
Are these confirmed blanks?
I am asking because I saw such features on for example Finnish 7.62x54R where this designated a grenade propelling cartridge.

I suppose they are not grenade blank.Because you could hear loud sound when you shake them——It means the case were not full of propellent

That might well be then.

Have you ever seen crates or tins for Chinese blank cartridges (any caliber)?

not yet

For info, here’s images of the .450 Revolver from Eley with three flash holes, Pete.

i don’t had picture but you can find 455 webley auto with these three flash holes