7.62x54R "WRA Co.7.62 m/m Russ" proof


It is my 1st proof round, I assume every rifle was fired using one of these to prove that it is well made and can take an extreme pressure. Now, mine is a single round out of the box. How to know it is a proof round for sure? Looks, weight? Here is an old related thread. Anyone has a crate of these?


I always thought that the blackened cases were proof loads or was that depending on the manufacturer?


I’m not sure about the 7.62 Russian, but W.R.A.Co. proof loads in .30-40 Krag from the early part of the last century were tinned, same as Vlad’s 7.62 Russian.



Before SAAMI Standards, in the U.S., Military proof loads were generally tinned cases. Civilan proof loads were blackened. I have not fourd that the practice was totally and uniformally followed, but it seems for the most part it was. After SAAMI (Perhaps before - it is possible that SAAMI just adopted a pattern of proof they though was best), civilian proofs started having plated cases (nickeled, tinned, etc.) with a red or purple base and the bullet all red or purple. That has not been totally followed either. Most U.S. military proofs are still tinned cases, I believe. Could be worng - am no expert on them.

The Winchester proof loads in this caliber may have been for the 1895 Winchesters they supplied Russian, or I suppose even for the Mosin rifles made by Remington, although you would think that Remington would have made the proof ammunition for them.

Vlad - your round is a proof load and is well known by collectors.