New guy checking in with a question. I have a real SVD Drangunov and I’ve heard or seen from time to time the real sniper ammo for this rifle. Sadly, every time I come across it it’s been sold. My main interest is finding some or the load data. Any help would be appreciated.
here is a free links to a picture hosts for your amunition posts them so I thought I’d post my own hunting pictures gallery
You can check out most on www.google.com

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Thanks in Advance,
Avid Shooter


Avid Shooter - welcome to our Forum. However, the topic of reloading when it deals with specific loading advice (types of powders, powder charge weights, etc.) is a prohibited topic on this Forum due to liability. We suggest either finding a forum that deals with reloading, or advising anyone answering you that they must answer you directly, by Personal Message (PM) and not on the Forum itself. Sorry for that. Hope if you have any questions dealing with identification of cartridges, history, etc., you will come back to us.


Thank you. Did not mean to break the rules. I appreciate your reply.