7.62X56R Bullets

Has 7.62X56R ever been manufactured using the same or a similar projectile as the approximately 123 gr. bullet used in the 7.62X39? If not, what are some of the lighter bullets used in the old 7.62X56R cartridge?

I assume you mean 7.62x54R.
The ordinary 9.6 g M1908 (148gr) bullet is already quite light for this cartridge. It followed the approach Germany (S bullet) and the U.S. (M1906) had taken: achieving a flat trajectory at ranges up to about 400 m, which were considered more important than longer ranges. .

Yes, the East Germans loaded a 123 gr. 7.62x39mm type projectile in their 7.62x54r practice ammunition, as well as a 115 gr. T-45 tracer projectile load. I have also seen Hungarian factory loaded 123 gr. in 7.62x54r but I do not recall the specifics. It is popular for handloaders to use this projectile to make lower-recoiling target loads…

There may be other “light” bulleted loads in this caliber, but I don’t remember…


AKMS, the only 7.62x39 projectile the GDR loaded on 7.62x54R cases was as yyou said the T-45 tracer. The other you mean (all black colored ball) was a specially made projectile and was not used on the 7.62x39.

Yes, you are correct, but the original question was “same or similar” projectiles as the 123 gr. used in the 7.62x39mm. The East German 7.62x54r Ubung load meets this description as it is essentially the PS projectle without the “boattail”… Obviously based on the 7.62x39mm PS projectile, which is why I said 7.62x39mm “type” projectile. The broader question is projectiles used that are lighter than the typical 7.62x54r projectiles…


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