7.62x63 (.30-06) "Tracer M1 DEF" as ball substitute

Another mystery can which is raising several questions.

  • what is “Tracer M1 DEF” ? Does it mean “defunct” and is it inert or just malicious tracer compounds?
  • why a substitute for ball (if not malicious tracers)
  • who is “AND”? I have it listed as “ANGUS DEFENSE SYSTEMS, INC” but I am not sure if it applies here.

Source: internet

Let me try some answers, and I’m not really sure: DEF means “defective” and normally with tracers that means that they fail to light. I have only seen one or two lots of other “defective” tracer lots. The “failure to light” normally means that the lot of ammunition is used in training as a substitute for ball ammunition. You would have to look at the ammunition data card and or the ammunition lot card to determine if the lot has actually been restricted to training use only (as ball ammunition) and normally restricted to CONUS use only. while we have no documentation, we can be very confident that this lot was restricted. I think the “AND” is not the manufacturer, but the arsenal that repacked this ammo–I’m thinking Anniston Ammunition Depot in January of 1952, but again not sure.
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Taber, thanks!
So the “DEF” for defective as per your definitioon wold make sense then.

I already understood the “AND” was not the manufacturer of the ammunition but thought a positive (confirmed) ID could be found for the facility indicated.