7.62x63 K 53 ID

Another guy asked me - 7.62x63 (30-06) M2, headstamp K 53. Kynoch? Corrosive? Berdan?


Kynoch, probably for Brownings used by Royal Armoured Corps. Berdan and non corrosive.


Thanks Tony.


Depending on the Packaging, could also be Kynoch export to former Colonies (Nigeria, etc) which also had BMGs in ex-British AFVs (Ferrets, Dingos, Saracens, etc .)

Large quantities surplussed back in the late 1970s and 80s ( Belted, Cotton belts, “MF&S” markings --M.French and Sons). Original Packing Two tinplate cans, 250 rounds each, 1-4 Tracer/Ball, in Box-Joint Pine Crates.

Berdan, Corrosive, and subject to “K-splits” ( keyhole failures at joint of web and body, with occasional extension of crack into Primer Pocket) Problems due to incorrectly formed Drawing Punch…cause High stress area in Web to Body internal radius. Problem corrected after a few Years.

Doc AV

I refer you to a letter from Imperial Metal Industries (Kynoch) Limited, dated May 31, 1967, and addressed to Berk Lewis, reproduced in IAA Journal #474 wherein it states:
“As a general rule it may be taken that if our cartridges have brass primers, then they are non-mercuric, non-corrosive. If they have copper primers, they are corrosive. We emphasise that this is only a general rule, with about 99% certainty, because we have in the past used some brass primers which are corrosive …… The above information also applies to military cartridges made by this company.”