7.62x63mm Soviet-Russian Silent Cartridge Sectioned


7.62х63 «Змея» ПЗ, ПЗА, ПЗАМ (PZ, PZA, PZAM)
7.62х63mm “Snake” ПЗ, ПЗА, ПЗAМ (PZ, PZA, PZAM)

For use in the silent pistol S4M.

CORRECTIONS or additional information are welcomed.



More sectioned Soviet silent cartridges made by the authors of the article (me and treshkin)
http://gunmag.com.ua/tishe-vetra/#more-9116 (on russian language…)



Thank you for the link to the article and the excellent photos of the sectioned cartridges.
If you have other information or sectioned cartridges please feel free to post photos and information here on the Forum.