7.63 Gauges

Just got these two at Williamsport. As Vlad said, you don’t see these too often, so it’s worth posting some pics.

Jon - very nice! Thanks for posting the pictures.

Thanks, John.
Any idea on an ID of the marking in the oval?

Jon - it looks very much like Winchester’s proof mark that appears right in front of the receiver on top of most Winchester Rifle barrels, but turned on its side. It should orient better if viewed with the marking at the 3 O’Clock position.

I could be wrong, but that’s what it looks like to me.

Everything tells me this is an American Gauge, but I could be wrong about that also. I so often am.

It did come out of Connecticut, so Winchester is a good probability.

Jon - I just went downstairs and took my 1892 .44-40 Winchester off the wall.
That mark is definitely the Winchester proof mark, and in your picture, is simply turned on its side. It would, as i thought, orient perfectly at 3 O’Clock position.

I assume that this was just a convenient size stamp to use to identify this gauge as theirs for their own, in-house purposes. It is not at all unlikely that the ammo gauges were made at the gun factory back when Winchester was Winchester, whether ammo or firearms. They would probalby have had dozens of these stamps laying about.

I always felt that the Winchester proof mark would make a cracker-jack cartridge headstamp! Never happened to my knowledge, though.

Jon, very nice gauges, congratulations and thanks for sharing.

At about the same time Winchester started to use this mark in every proof fired gun -various sources indicate July 17 of 1905 as the starting point- it was also registered as a trademark for shotgun and rifles.