7.63 mauser ammo info?

i got this box of ammo at a show today for $10. can anyone give me more info on it? does it have any value?


This is a Finnish box of repacked 7.63 mm pistol ammunition. It can be 7.63 mm Mauser ammunition but most likely it’s captured Russian 7.62 mm Tokarev ammunition because both calibers were known as “7.63 mm pistol ammunition” in Finland.

This particular ammunition was repacked at Ammunition Depot 8 in 1954. The letter V after ammunition number (A 0515) indicates downgraded ammunition.

Just took a better look at the label, and yes, it’s repacked 7.62 mm Tokarev… Not 7.63 mm Mauser.

okay. so its pretty much just surplus then?

Yes, it is surplus. I’ve opened a bunch of those. The predominant ammo is pre-1943 Soviet without a headstamp, but there are also later headstamped Soviet Tokarev and pre-war FN 7.63 Mauser rounds all happily mixed together.