7.63 Mauser French dummy ID/confirmation/info

I have seen this 7.63x25 (?) solid steel dummy (plain head, no hs or markings) which was introduced to me as a French 7.63mm Mauser dummy. It seems that the cartridge was chemically blackened at some point in the past.

Is this information correct?
Was this dummy for civilian weapons?
What is the time frame this cartridge was made?
Any other info available?

Are certain that this round is french?

This seems to be highly unprobable…

The only “french” known dummy in this calibre was proposed on old catalogues (like the pre WWI edited by the Manufacture d’Armes et Cycles de St Etienne) to the people buying Mauser C.96 pistols, in order to get used by the handling and mechanism. Thy were absolutely ordinary nickel plated rounds with inert primers, on loading clips. They also existed in several other calibres, according to the gun sold.

Th only solid steel french round I am aware of is the 7,62x39 M.43 made in some military armories to test the AK-47 guns obtained from diverse operations. They were “unofficially” manufactured in small quantities, for local use only. I doubt that they made the same for 7,63x63 (-62) TT rounds, as quantities of them were commercially available.

And, of course, fakes are also possible…


Sorry for my misprint, I spoke, of course, about 7,62x25, not …x63…(old age I guess !!!)


I have this as well, & have it listed as a Swiss box makers dummy.

Will might be right here. Can you show a view of the base?

I think, that this is 7,62 x 25 Tokarev - Austrian solid steel dummy. I have him longer time with this specification. But, who knows.

THV - Will is correct, in my opinion. This is a Swiss box maker’s dummy, and exists in other calibers as well (7.65 Parabellum, for example). It should have a flat base, like a rimfire, with no mock primer pocket.

The Austrian steel dummy has a black rubber snapping surface set into the head, looking like a “rubber primer.” It also has three very thin cannelures milled into it. First impression on mine is that there are two, but close examination reveals a third very close to the bottom of the shoulder of the case.

I got this one years ago from John Scott. He said at the time it was from the Solothurn Factory

Stuka, this is the reason I dared to ask here. The one I photographed was from a former French policeman from the Elsass region. He introduced it to me as a French dummy.
The head on the one I have photographed looks exactly like the one Pete has shown.

Gentlemen, so it is Swiss and there likely from Solothurn.
Thank you very much.