7.63 Mauser ID


These are still listed as ‘unknown’ in my limited collection.

Anyone got ideas about the maker/origin?

Nr. 1: * * * * , brass, 3 crimp dots, ogival nickel plated bullet.
Nr. 2: * * 7.63 *, brass, 3 crimp dots, ogival nickel plated bullet.
Nr. 3: * * 7.63m/m *, brass, 3 crimp dots, ogival nickel plated bullet.
Nr. 4: ‘1968’, brass, 3 crimp dots, ogival copper jacket bullet.

The cartridge with the 1968 hds was made by Igman,located in Konjic,Bosnia Erzegovina

Number 3 was made by Sellier & Bellot. ( ammunition factories),Czech Republic


Number 1 : Hirtenberger (before 1938)


Your second cartridge is likely Austrian. It has been identified in the past as being of Czech manufacture, I suppose due to the similarity between it and the other style of “three-star” headstamp you show as no. 3. However, this is almost certianly incorrect based on the cartidge characteristics. Tentative identity of the round as Austrian is made from 7.9 x 57mm Mauser rounds, made in Austria in the 1920s and tested at Solothurn in Switzerland, having the identical headstamp except for the caliber designation of “7.9” instead of “7.63”. If Austrian, as we believe, they were made by Hirtenberger. This must remain conjecture, on my part anyway, since I have no documentation to prove the identification.

The Tokarev headstamp, bottom right, is actually from Pobjeda Gorazde, Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Cyrillic letters are “P G”.

Jon - good catch. Everyone forgets that there were three factories in Yugoslavia, not just Privi Partizan and Igman. I assume that is why in the numerically-coded factory designators, we have three of them - 11, 12 and 14. I know that “11” is PPU, but have you sorted out 12 and 14 yeat as to which factory each is?

John, you got me thinking. I have never seen or heard of a Yugoslav Tokarev with an IK, NK, or 12 headstamp. That would lead me to believe that 12 = Igman and 14 = PG.

Jon - I am very inclined to agree with you on those identifications. I think for the purpose of my collection, with no 7.62 x 39 except DDR ones, the only round I have with 12 on it is 7.9 x 57, and there are plenty of those with the other form of Igman’s headstamps, as well. The only 9mm Para I have with numerical headstamp is 11 for PPU. However, in recent years, Pobjeda has made 9mm as well, but with a commercial style headstamp. We have tried in vain to get some, even though we have a photograph of the box and headstamp, so production is absolutely confirmed.

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Sorry,I have to make a correction to my headstamp book.It reports the last one as made by Igman.It is not a very good book,I have already found several mistakes in it

I have never seen a perfect headstamp book or listing. Every one leaves things out or gives incorrect information. The best thing you can do is use multiple sources and inform others when new information or mistakes appear. What is the primary source you are using?

an italian book “guida all’identificazione delle cartucce”.However internet is a good source for mysterious headstamps

Thanks for all the reactions,

It’s good to be able to replace the ‘unknown’ marking by a more detailed description!