7.63 Mauser or 7.62 Tokarev

Found a 7.62/7.63 round in pretty much relic condition; headstamp FN (with serifs, F at 10:00, N at 2:00) and a five-pointed star at 6:00, nickel-colored bullet, not magnetic. Is it a 7.63 Mauser or 7.62 Tokarev, and when might it have been made?

It’s a 7.63 m/m Mauser, likely made after the first war and no later than the early (?) 1930s. Jack

Not sure who these were originally for, but lots of them turn up in Finnish repack boxes. They may have been supplied to the Finns in the late 1930s, or captured from the Soviets in the “Winter War”. The Soviets might have bought them or captured them when they moved west in 1939.

I thought there’d been a thread on this cartridge, but, if so, I can’t find it. I’ve seen these in their original 25 round boxes, two piece, with pink paper wrap-around and labeled in French, wording, as I recall: 7.63 m/m Mauser / 25 cartouches. These were available in quantity forty years ago. Jack

The occupied FN factory made them during WW2 for the Germans

Nice box, Dutch. Do you know what the “Lfg. 2” and “Rate i” mean?

Lfg. 2 = Lieferung 2 = delivery 2 = lot 2
Rate i = sub lot i (these were given in letters)

In the hs it would be given as “2i” then.

Dutch: How do the FN-produced 7.63 m/m Mauser cartridges in the French language box I described above relate to the wartime production for the German military? Are those in the box you show with sans serif lettering? Jack

These are two FN boxes containing cartridges headstamped FN * (without blue annulus):

Listed in FN ≥1935 catalog:

A look inside.

Dutch and Fede: Thanks for the pics of cartridges and labels. The box I was trying to recall from memory is, of course, the one Fede shows at the right in his image of the two boxes. Jack

Somewhat off topic but since shown here: has ever anybody seen a FN made 7.62 mm Nagant revolver cartridge?

EOD, 7.62 mm Nagant revolver cartridges do exist headstamped F N *. I don’t think these are rare.

Fede, thanks, good to know. One head ache less.