7.63 Mauser or 7.65 Mannlicher

This cartridge is a 7.63 mm Mauser or 7.65 mm Mannlicher Karabiner?
Thanks for your help

Magnetic CNCS bullet, brass primer.

Although it could easily be listed or function as either, I have mine logged as a 7.65 Mannlicher.

Sergio, a box for these cartridges is labeled “Patrone für den Mannlicher-Selbstlade-Carabiner. Cal. 7.63 m/m”. There are also cartridges headstamped H.K&C ☆ found in a very similar box, and 97 / ☆ / K&C / ☆ /, whose box is labeled “Mannlicher-Repetir-Pistolen-Patrone. Cal. 7.63 m/m”. Likewise, there is a G. Roth box for cartridges headstamped GR / ☆ / ☆ / ☆ / which is also labeled “7.63”.

Is widely accepted that the original designation chosen for this cartridge was “7.65”, but I don’t think that this is correct. Early boxes by DWM are marked “Mannlicher Patr Nr. 497” and its designation is found in the No. 3a catalog of 1911 as “Mannlicher-Karabiner und die Mannlicher-Karabiner-Pistole, Kal. 7,63 mm”. A copy of the DWM case book used to list this case number as “Karabiner u. Karabiner-Pistole Kal. 7,63 mm Mannlicher M/1901”, but it was ammended in a later date to read “7,65”. A Polte box for cartridges headstamped P 19 M 02 is labeled “Patrone für Mannlicher-Karabiner Kaliber 7,65 mm”, which as far as I can tell is the earliest use of this designation.

Said this, and given that Keller & Co. was the earliest manufacturer, I can’t find a reason to believe that its original designation shouldn’t be other than “7.63 mm Mannlicher” or “7.63 mm Mannlicher M. 1897”. The “Model 1896” designation used to differentiate this cartridge from the conical case 7.63 mm Mannlicher is also incorrect because there are no surviving examples of that pistol model and existing documentation indicates it was chambered for an unknown cartridge using a conical case.


So the correct name is 7,63mm Mannlicher M.1897!