7.63 Mauser

I found these cartridges yesterday.

From left to Right :

SB / 19 / 32 / P /
P 19 02 M (special softpoint bullet)
DWM 8 04 403 (softpoint bullet)
S 11 05
S 5 07

I have some questions :

  • Are there all 7.63 Mauser ?

  • The bullet of the “P M 19 02” cartridge is softpoint with an iron point, I never seen it before, what is it ?

  • What other headstamp dates exist like “DWM 8 403 04” ?

  • What other headstamp dates exist like “S 11 05” and “S 5 07” ?


Chassepot - the SB headstamp also exists as 19 / SB / 26 / P. Note: The dot after the “P” IS ON the headstamp. There is a vaiant headstamp, with no dividing lines: 19 SB 25 2. Note that the “P” for Prague is replaced by the number “2” which is probably the month the case was produced.

All of your rounds except the 19 P 02 M are generally considered as 7.63 Mauser rounds. Most sources show the Polte round as a 7.65 Mannlicher. I suppose someone, somewhere has a box label for it, but in truth, I have never seen any documentation that proves it is a Mannlicher, although in storage of my variants in my collection I adhere to the common wisdom. It exists in a number of minor variations in FMJ CNCS Ball, having to do with mostly changes in the thickness of the rim and the width of the extractor groove and the extractor-groove bevel. I also have the SN bullet with what looks like a steel ball in the nose. I don’t know what the Germans called this bullet. It is similar in concept to the American Hoxie bullet, but not identical in construction, it would seem. I also have a nickeled dummy round with this headstamp, which has the addition of a knurled cannelure around the middle of the case. There are enough variations, all marked “02” for a date, that I am almost inclined to believe that is a Model Date rather than the date the cases were made. That, too, is without documentation however.

IN the Spandau round, I have one with a CNCS RN SN bullet headstamped S 11 02. I also have a Purple-wood bullet blank with orange-red primer seal and a knurled cannelure around the case about 1/3 of the way up from the head. It is headstamped S 1 98. The color of the seal and the cannelure are identical to a Model 88 7.9 x 57 blank I had from Spandau, with an “89” date.
Oddly, I have never been able to find a FMJ bullet loading of this round for my own collection, and yet overall, that seems to be the most common form of this very scarce cartridge.

You picked up a very, very nice group of 7.63s there!

Hi Yves, great cartridges, thanks for sharing!

As John said above, the Polte made round is a 7.65 mm Mannlicher and the box is marked “25 Patronen für Mannlicher-Karabiner Kaliber 7,65 mm” (Polte also patented a special charger for this m/1901 carbine). I don’t know the German designation for this bullet either but it is interesting to mention that G. H. Hoxie received a German patent for his bullet in 1906, a practice which was unusual for American inventors. If this is related or not, I don’t know.

There are also Spandau cartridges headstamped S 1 04 and S 10 07, and in the same style you also have RM S 11 18. There are probably many more.

You seem to have discovered an excellent place to “find” cartridges! You got some very scarce 7.63 headstamps.
To fill in some holes, I have the following:
P 19 M 02 CNCS FMJ
DWM 8 04 403 CNCS SN
DWM 8 04 403 CNCS FMJ
SB/19/P/32/ CNCS FMJ
S 10 07 CNCS FMJ
S 1 98 Blank, as John described.
I also have a fired case is only P and M, and my RM S 11 18 has a GMCS FMJ bullet.

Thanks for your help.