7.63 Mauser

I found a 7.63 mauser ctge
brass case, tombac bullet, 6 dots crimps ( big ones and 3 small ones)
the hdstp is A (9 oc) T.C (12 oc) F (3 oc) A (6 oc)

Could you confirm it is turkish ?

It seems to be a dummy because

  1. The primer looks to be fired (there is a dot on it)
  2. on one side of the neck there is a split (you see it just on the right)

I think it was a regular ctge (with the 3 small crimping dots), then unloaded and primer stuck, and reloaded (with 3 big crimping dots)

What do you think ?


I’m pretty sure it’s Turkish. I also have a similar round with a TC (intertwined) F S A headstamp.
Yours might very well be a dummy, especially with the double neck stab crimps. Very nice.

The headstamp is definitely Turkish. a similar headstamp occurs on 9mmP. It is of course possible that it is a contract load by SFM or perhaps FN or someone else. Who actually made some of this ammunition isn’t entirely clear.


Turkey first tried out the C96 Broomhandle Mauser in 1899, buying some of the First Model (Small ring Hammer, milled sides,) in the 12,000 to 15,000 serial range (Mauser Factory 15-20,000 were the Italian Navy Slab-side Large ring contract (numbered 1-5000).) Turkey bought more over the years up to WW I, and were also supplied during WWI with 7,63 Models. Initial ammunition came from DM (DWM) and after WW I, from various other European makers and finally in the 30s, from their own factories in the AS.FA. administration (Now MKEK).

T.C Turkiye C(h)umhuriyeti: Turkish Republic
A F Askeri Fabrikalar ( AS.FA= Military Factories Administration ( Fabrika: one or a Factory; Fabrikalar : many or several (Plural) Factories.)
A : Factory Location or name.

Nice One.

Doc AV

I found this ctge in Italy