7,63 mm mauser

I found a fired steel 7,63 mm mauser case that is headstamped " DWM B B 403".
I wasn’t able to find out what year of production indicates the code " B B ".

Pivi, the “B” stands for the DWM factory in Berlin. About the year the experts will tell more I think.

The double “B” stands for “Berlin-Borsigwalde,” one of the Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken A.-G. plants that made pistol ammunition, aqs EOD said. (Both letters “B” may each stand for the entire double name, just as on the K DWM K headstamps, each “K” stands for "Karlsruhe.)

I would date these from 1941 until about 1943 or 1944. The commercial-style headstamp would probably have been for police, or I suppose possibly for the SS. The SS certainly employed some of the Schnellfeuer Modell Mauser pistols - I have seen pictures of them in use by that branch of the German military and para-military forces. They could also have been for commercial sale to those licensed to possess a pistol of this caliber. I do not think the caliber, of itself, was illegal, as unlike the larger caliber pistol cartridges that do not appear in the 1930s commercial catalogs for home sales, but only in export catalogs, the 7.63mm Mauser is in the Domestic DWM catalogs.

As I recall, the boxes for these steel cased rounds are commercial pattern with a past-on sticker marked "stahl H

It could had been used by some partisan too.Where I found it there were also some 9 mm para cases ( american,english and italian ones),2 or 3 8 x 57 mauser and a lot of 6,5 mm carcano cases,one of them surely fired in a 6,5 x 54 chamber since it has a very strange shoulder

Here’s one in the flesh.

The DWM text is in the somewhat broader lettering style.
Just to show the different styles:

The one on the bottom right is the steel cased ‘Berlin’ version.

There is one 7.63 asb head stamp known. Think it was 1942.
For many years I gave it to Bill W. Probably made by mistake with a 9mm Para head stamp.

Also FN (DWM) made 7.63 during WW2.