7.63 SA pistol Dummy


Howdy folks , I have a 7.63 all tinned dummy round with headstamp 97.//K & C/ , my question is do we know if this was for the Mauser or Borchardt pistols or both ,this round has an unmarked primer and a ring around the bullet above the case mouth it is very light and maybe all hollow thanks Randy


By headstamp, your dummy round is a 7.65m/m Mannlicher, not a Mauser or Borchardt. Of course, there is a problem in identifying rounds like this. The fact that it is a dummy, and therefore beyond consideration of powder charge, makes an identification which I just made, while correct, almost silly. The fact is, this inert round could be used for the purposes dummies are made for with pistols of 7.63 Mauser and 7.65 Borchardt, as well as some, depending on chamber specs, of caliber 7.62 x 25m Tokarev. I qualify the 7.62 Tokarev based only on my own two pistols in this caliber. My Czech pistol will chamber and shoot 7.63 Mauser ammo - all I have tried (Fiocchi, Midway, and a few old Western) while my Chicom Type 54 will not reliably function with Fiocchi ammo - the chamber is tight and sometimes the slide won’t close all the way. Your round, by the way, was made by Keller & Company, in Austria. The dummies are not ultra rare with this headstamp, but they are scarce - it is a good round.


OK thanks John ,now I know what draw to put it in Randy