7,63 x 25 Mauser "All Range" bullet

Having read the information given in the Journal of IAA No. 457 and seen the excellent article published by Lew Curtis in the ECRA Newsletter (No. 636 -11) about the 7.63 x 25 Mauser (Westley Richards “All Range” bullet). I want to expand the information given and ask a couple of questions about the specimen of my collection. First of all I want to show that not only Kynoch and Deutsche Metallpatronen Fabrik, made this cartridge, if not also Gustav Genschow (Durlach). As you can see, the cartridge has three crimp dots in the neck, for subjection of the projectile
Does anyone have a specimen of the same headstamp or some box ?
Which cab be the price of this cartridge?img823