7.63 x 25 Mauser ctg

headstamped MSM 403,found in Spain,probably from civil war.Does anyone know the history of this specimen ?

I assume the headstamp was actually * MSM * 403. This is, to my knowledge and that of a recent study by Will Reuter (RSA), Colin AMM (ZA), Jonathan Cohen (USA), Pete DeCoux (USA, Yves Erievant (France), Dwight Jackson, (USA), Francis Latoir (Belgium), John Moss (USA), Josef Mötz (Austria) and Eduard Peris (Spanish), an unknown headstamp regarding the meaning of the initials MSM.

Cartridge Characteristics, in my opinion, are pure Société Française des Munitions. The headstamp arrangement and font are identical to a known SFM 7.63 (and other calibers) cartridge headstamp. The study hedges its bets a little, since there is no documentation for my opinion of which I am aware, and mentions DWM as a possibility as well, since “403” is the DWM Case Register number for the 7.63 x 25 mm Mauser cartridge.

If anyone can DOCUMENT the meaning of “MSM” and who made the cartridge, please so note on this forum.

John Moss

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Also have been found in China

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“Munition sans Manufacturier”
(Ammunition without
Manufacturer)…just a way out of left field interpretation…
Although, in French, the “M” could mean both Munition and Manufacture. The “S” could refer to "Societe’ ( company)?

Just playing with (French) words…

Doc AV