7.63 x 25 Mauser

I have this cartridge with the following headstamp L.D.P. * * what country is this from?
Thank You Carolyn

This headstamp is shown as asigned in Trade Mark listing of Bruxelles, Belgium, No. 16137, granted 28 December 1911, to Louis Dieu, Negociant, located at 46, rue Meslay, Paris, France.

It exists also, at least, on an 8 x 57 mm Mauser Model 88 (8 x 57J mm) rifle cartridge.

The two calibers known caused it to be thought of as a German headstamp of unknown meaning for years, at least in the U.S.A.

Just to add to the info on “L.D.P.” hs:

There was also a "L.D.P. * * * " (3 stars) - on both 45 Martini-Henry & 11mm Gras

The 8x57J Mauser and 9x57 Mauser (possibly reformed 8x57 cases?) are known with a "L.D.P * 88 * " hs (where “88” means “M88” not “1888”).

A "LDP * 93 * " can be found on 7x57 Mauser M93 indicating the “M93” Mauser Rifle which introduced the use of the 7x57 cartridge.