7.63mm broomhandle mauser Finnish "repacked"


Pickuped up a very old looking 25 round packet of cartridges yesterday. Still sealed. It is Labeled “7.63 pist. p.” Lower on the packet are the words,“Uudelleen pakattu.” Goggle transulator identified these words as Finnish and transulated to “repacked.” I pealed back a corner of the packet to see the headstamps; no headstamp. Packet is the right size of 7.63mm broomhandle cartridges. ?Can anyone tell me something about Finland having 7.63mm broomhandle mauser ammunition without headstamps?


The Finns repacked a lot of ammo they and the Germans captured during WWII. What you have is Soviet 7.62 Tokarev ammo that was made pre-1942 and later re-boxed in Finland.


jonnyc, thank you. ?So, the Finns used the designation “7.63” for Tokarev cartridges instead of “7.62?” I suppose that makes more sense, that the Finns would have a lot of 7.62 Russian Tokarev to repack instead of broomhandle mauser cartridges. ?is it common to find eary WWII russian 7.62 Tokarev without headstamps? George


To be honest, without a bit of looking, I’m not sure what the Finns had in 7.62/7.63. Yes, unheadstamped Soviet Tokarev ammo is pretty common, but I’ve found some interesting headstamps mixed in those Finnish repacks, including one of the only two “K / * / 44 / * /” headstamps I’ve ever seen.


The Russians, at the time (pre-WWII and early WWII) did not headstamp pistol ammunition if only one factory made it. When the war really got going, especially after Operation Barbarossa,
the Russians had many factories making the 7.62 mm Tokarev and therefore had a need to identify them with a headstamp. As Jon said, the early ones with no headstamp are quite common.


jonnyc and John, many thanks for the help and information. George