7.63mm Mauser - WW I loadings

This is a bit outside of my normal area of knowledge.

I am told that in WWI, the German army in addition to the 150,000 “Red 9” Mauser C96 pistols, purchased a number of the regular 7.63mm versions. I was previously under the impression that any 7.63mm C96s would have been private purcases.

What ammunition were issued for these? Ordinary DWM commercial? I do not recall ever seeing a German military WWI loading.

One for John or Lew?


Expediency would dictate that the Germans bought and fielded a number of 7.63 C96 Mausers during WWI. Much of the ammo probably had RWS and DWM commercial headstamps. Some known or suspected WWI headstamps are: RM * S *, RM S, RM S 11 18, * * 1914, as well as some dated Spandau rounds from about 1898 to 1901 that would still have been on hand.

Does nayone know who made the * * 1914 headstamp that is found on .30 Mauser?

Can’t put my finger on it, but mine has a vague Central European look to it.


Jon - the Spandau cartridges go thru to at least November 1902 - that is the date on one of mine. I think the * R.M. * S. headstamp is purely a commercial round, although they might have been purchased for use by the military. Usually, though, they would have contracted for ammo, I would think, like they did with RMS for the 1918-dated true military rounds. Police may have bought a lot of commercial ammo though, especially for sub-standard issue pistols. I just don’t really know.