7.63x25 mauser without headstamp

I have a 7.63x25 mauser without headstamp.
The bullet has a big circumferential, machined or milled groove around

Does anyone know who made this cartridge?




Could it be a Westley-Richards capped projectile by DWM or DMK?
Just a thought as I have one headstamped *D.M.*K
My mistake. This is a WR “All Range” projectile that I wrongly catalogued.

The bullet might be a Capped example, but tough to see. And I don’t recall ever seeing one without a headstamp. Case also has the look of an Argentine experimental, making the knurl a possible dummy identifier.

I have this cartridge identified as a Westley Richards Solid-Capped loading. In my opinion the case looks like a Kynoch product, because you can also find the ringed brass primer with a KB ✱ headstamp (with six point asterisks).

Jon, Argentine made cases look quite different and don’t have this ring around the primer.



I just noticed that the bullet looks identical to the Capped bullet used in the .300 Sherwood made by Kynoch. If the bullet of this 7.63 mm weighs around 120 grains it means that these cartridges are not factory loads.

Sergio, what is the total weight of this cartridge?

Edit: I just compared both bullets and the Sherwood ogive is longer, so it is not the same bullet.

Fede, tomorrow I will weigh the cartridges in the analytical balance.

The total weight of this cartridge is 156.60 grains.

Also to compare take the total weight of these 7.63x25 mm


⋆ R. M. ⋆ S // FMJ CNCS // 157.02
K DWM K 403 // FMJ CNCS // 160.59
.GeCO. . 7,63. // FMJ CNCS // 159.13
*D GG&Co D * 7,63 // soft point // 159.81

I hope it helps to identify the mysterious cartridge.


I just discovered this post. I am putting together some information on the 7.63 copper capped bullet. The CN near the casemouth is the the jacket. See photos in this post.

Can you tell me if the jacket is magnetic?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Lew.
I confirm that the jacket is non-magnetic


Sounds like it is a Kynoch load!


Lew et al - I cannot say that the cartridge shown is NOT Kynoch, but I have 12 variations of Eley .30 Mauser and 29 variations of Kynoch .30 Mauser, and not one of those has that ring around the primer pocket. It that round is Kynoch, that base is atypical of British .30 Mauser rounds. I am not sure of the function of the ring; usually it is a circular primer crimp, but any primer crimp at all is atypical for British .30 Mauser as well, and that one looks a little far back from the primer pocket to be a crimp. Most of Eley rounds have a copper primer cup, while most of the Kynoch rounds do have a brass cup like the round shown on this thread, however.

It is a tough call, but if pinned to the wall, I would think the cartridge is not from Kynoch. I don’t have one like it, although I have a Westley Richards All-Range round with no headstamp, but it has the copper primer typical of Eley and has no circular marking around the primer cup.

Fede - I have * K * B headstamped .30 Mauser rounds in profusion and confusion, to quote someone I forget, and none have the ring on the head. Do you have a picture of the head of one that does, regardless of the bullet it is loaded with?

John M.

John Moss

John, I have this picture of an All-Range load headstamp showing a similar ring around the primer:




Interesting. I have over 25 Kynoch variations of the .30 Mauser cartridge, and I have not, to my memory, seen this. No time now to check my collection. Looks like the round in question is British for sure, since it has no magnetic bullet.


I have one of these in my collection,no stamp just one of some
other 7,63 i have not long ago i became curious about this one
and i found a source that claimed it was Japanese but I cannot
find the source anymore.However the Bullet is stake crimped 3
and the bullet is magnetic,brass primer and yes somehow that
bottom has that Japanese look the cartridge is untouched and
original the bullet is copper washed.Case is steel laquered
no knurl of the bullet outside of the case is showing.

Sherryl - the Japanese made both the 7.63 mm Mauser cartridge and the 7.65 mm Parabellum cartridge. The Heads of the two look very much alike. The salient feature is the primer, which is typically Japanese. Despite the virtually non-existent use of steel-jacketed bullets (CNCS) by the Japanese on .32 Auto, 7 mm Nambu and 8 mm Nambu, the magnetic jacket on your .30 Mauser round would be correct for that caliber (and also the .30 Luger). I have always had a feeling that they purchased those bullets from some European firm. Too rare to pull the bullets for further examination of the form of the base, etc.

Only a good picture could properly identify the round on your behalf, as there are other unheadstamped 7.63 Mauser and 7.65 Para rounds from other countries.

John Moss

Ok John I will see tomorrow If I can turn a pic onto this page
I will send 2 pics another one just like it but with a stamp and
a green tip like to know if it is Russian 7,63 or 7,65


Sherryl - a green tip on a 7.62 x 25 mm (same as 7.63 x 25mm) usually is Combloc ammo and a tracer.

John Moss

John here are the pics let me know about the green tip
Russian or East German???