7.63x25mm Mauser "7.63mm c96" charger

A Pennsylvania find. Is it original or aftermarket?

This is one I’ve never seen before, but about 10 years ago these were found every once in a while … what marks them out from “rarities” concocted from unmarked Italian M’38 chargers is that there’s a rebate at the end of each charger body, required to clear the extractor of a C96 pistol.

If they’re aftermarket the manufacturer had a clear idea of the pistol’s construction and how the charger needed to be made, in quite a subtle way … but I’ve really no idea whether they’re “original” or not.


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The fact it has C96 on it, makes it after market. Neither Mauser, nor DWM ever referred to the pistol as a C96 officially. It was just the Mauser ‘Army Pistol’.

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I have one of these black stripper clips for the Mauser pistol. I was told by Steve Fuller, when I got it, along with a stripper with a couple of Chinese Characters on it (the one shown by Enfield56), that it was Chinese as well.

John Moss

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