7.63x39 steel cases made by MEN for Yugoslavia?

I been told about a 7.62x39 primed steel case made by MEN (in Germany) for Yugoslavia.
The hs is: ППУ 1980-Ч
The convex primer looks Yugoslav but the PA is typical green as we know it from MEN ammunition.

Anybody here who has more info on the background of these cases?


I was told that ППУ made (and primed???) the case, but the cartridge was finished at MEN.

We might have to consider that MEN and Fritz Werner (machine builder) in the past worked close together or were even part of the same group.

Odd to me is that no Yugo M67 bullet was loaded into the case.


This raises the question of why MEN should load such cartridges?

I also got info on a 1974 blank steel case which is claimed to be a MEN case. It has no primer and is crimped in the typical Yugoslav way.

This whole issue looks very odd and I wish we had more info.


I wrote my story goes the cartridge was finished at MEN, I did not write by MEN.


sorry, but I do not understand your subtle difference between “finished at MEN” and “finished by MEN”. Could you be so nice to elaborate?

Apart from that:
As far as I can tell, for a manufacturer of brass cases it is a really big retooling job to set up a steel line. For example, the heat treatment furnances for brass normally cannot produce the temperatures needed for steel. The presses wear out much faster.
Unless a government is willing to pay a lot for this change (France 5.56 mm, or example) I do not see how a manufacturer outside the former Eastern bloc could make any profit from it.

The story I was told goes that Fritz Werner brought its customers to MEN for demonstration of Fritz Werner machines operating there. The story goes on that for demonstration products were made to the specification of the Fritz Werner customer, not under rule of (=by) MEN but at (location) MEN.


So Fritz Werner Machinery was set up at MEN to make 7.62x39?

not my impression I need to tell you that the machines are universal in their function, what calibre exactly is made depends on the attached tools.
Provided the story about the said ППУ is true MEN had the machinery and either the customer or Fritz Werner provided the tools for the run.