7.65 (32 ACP) Sub Cal. SR Tracer

I have not been able to find any thread on this and if it has been discussed before. What weapon was this used for as a sub calibre?

75 a 75 a FULL

75 b 75 b FULL




Some information here: http://naboje.org/node/5499# , unfortunately the Google translation for this page is not very good.

I’m sure some of the others will be along to add additional information.


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Thanks Brian,
yes Google translate seems on holiday sometimes. In cases like these the research for the website takes way longer than the scanning

Hi Daan,

It was made for a training variant of the RPG-75 68 mm rocket launcher that is designated RPG Cv-75 (Cv = Cvičný). The training cartridge is designated “7,62mm Zaměřovací vz.75” (7,62-Zm75) and it is loaded with a tracer bullet, that is based on the same design as the short range tracer bullet loaded in the 7.62x45 vz. 52. There is also an earlier prototype from 1974 designated “7.65 mm Pistole Zaměřovací” (7,65 Pi-Zm).

Back in the days when nobody in the west had information about this cartridge, it was thought to be some sort of special loading for the Škorpion vz. 61 machine pistol.



There is also an all blackened-steel dummy round, with one
hole drilled thru the “case” (it is a one piece "case and bullet"
dummy, in this caliber. The long length of the cartridge (and
the mock bullet) tell us that is is a dummy version of the
7.62 - Zm75.

I will try to post a picture of this, since I have one I took of
the specimen in my collection some years ago, before I had
all my computer problems. If anyone reports a large explosion
in the San Francisco area, it will be my computer after I start
pushing buttons. I hope this works.

John Moss


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That is the first time I ever have posted a picture on the Forum.
In the past, others have posted pictures for me. Now, if I could
get it to post at the bottom of the same reply as the text, instead
of a separate reply, to save forum space and make it more consistent,
I would be happy. Now that I think about it and look at the instructions
again, I think I reversed to steps. Next time I have a picture to post,
I will try doing them in the right order! :-(

I was able to do this because of instructions that even an idiot like myself
could follow that Brian kindly provided me some time ago. Thanks Brian.

Edited upon reflection of the correct procedure.

John Moss

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Thanks very much Fede and John,
John if it’s OK with you can I show this dummy on the website as well?

There is also a proof round (Tormentacní) with green tip/base, but I’m afraid that I don’t have a picture.

Daan - With the service you perform with your beautiful website,
you never need my permission to use anything on it which I have published.
Further, you need not credit the picture to me. That is simply of no importance
to me.

Thank you for the great information you provide us thru your website
and answers on this forum. My best wishes to all the guys of RSACCA.

John M.

As long as we are discussing 7.65 x 17 (7.62 x 17) Czech
rounds, can anyone tell me what a standard-looking Sellier
& Bellot 7.65, except for having a purple bullet tip, is all
about? The box for it identifies it, through a purple over stamp,
as “SVED 79.” The “E” has a small “v” over it, but I cannot
reproduce that here.

John Moss

John, it’s a standard ballistic reference round.

John, congrats to your first posted image!

The subcaliber device dummy is no auto pistol cartridge. Do you really think this dummy must be in your research? (twinkle, twinkle…)

The device in the RPG-75:
RPG-75_Cv-75_subcaliber system_Czech

Images of the complete launcher (all variants):

Alex - I collect any legal-for-me-to-have loading (including dummies which, of course, have
no loading) based on an auto pistol or SMG case type. For now, I have
include PDW loadings, since I consider them nothing but small caliber
SMGs. So, :-), I think I will keep it for now. It is the only form of this cartridge
I am allowed to have in the Socialist Police state I live in.


Fede - that’s what I have been told. I guess what I really want to know
is the meaning of SVED 79, both in Czech and in its translation to English.

John Moss

John, the “SVED” (I do not have the full wording on hand) translates to English into a wording like “witness”. What makes sense for a ballistic standard load.

Dummy: no worries, it’s all about chances…

John, as Alex mentions, Svěd translates as “witness”, and a cartridge so designated is a Svědečný náboj, which means “witness cartridge”. It is also described as a balistické parametry náboj, or “ballistic parameters cartridge”.



EOD and Fede - thank you guys. Precisely what I have wanted to know
for many years, since I got this box with a couple of rounds. I guess I
just never asked the right people, or perhaps formed the right question,