7,65 Argentina

A friend bought a couple boxes of hunting cartridges in Germany.
The 7,65 calibre is not so unusual here. These rounds were probably made in the sixties of the last century. Please correct me when I am wrong.
The unusual part of the box is that the rounds were put all in old “DM” clips. Did they have so many clips on stock in Argentina to sell this ammunition with old German clips?


Hi Dutch, these hunting cartridges were introduced late 1964 and is usual to find them mounted in chargers made by DWM or FM, both of which are very easy to find even today. A modern loading is still in production but is packed in 20rd boxes without clips, of course.

These are common in Europe because were marketed by Frankonia as early as 1978 and also by Hege as early as 1982.

This is the first ad published January 1965 which also shows the new sporterized rifle:



Thanks Fede.