7.65 argentine ammo question (7.92 blank)

i cant find any info on my 7.65 argentine ammo. i only bought one for my ammo collection and i cant find anything about them having a wooden bullet. there is little info and anything would help.

Mood, welcome here. Your cartridge here is a German 7.92x57 blank, made in 1943.

thank you! thats pretty cool! just curious what indicated that it was a 7.92x57? and are these rare by any means?

It is a Platzpatrone 33 made by „ad“; Patr.-Zündh.-u. Metallwarenfabrik AG, vorm. Sellier & Bellot, Schönebeck/Elbe, the 14th lot of 1943.

Here in Europe a common round.


Common in the United States, too. The headstamp, and the 57 mm case length are what defines the case type/caliber of this round. In an ordinary ball round, the bullet diameter would also define that. The wood bullet is probably smaller in diameter for most of what sticks out of the case. Despite having had literally hundreds of these blanks (different headstamps), for some reason, I never thought to meaure the smaller diameter of the wood projectile.

thank you guys for the help :) very much appreciated!