7.65 Br 32 acp

7.65 Br for John C.
Who manufactured the middle cartridge?

  1. Hugo Schneider Germany 1916
  2. UMC-UEE Spain

I’d have to take a closer look, but first thought would be Chinese.

Who made cartridge #2?

Bob - based on the copper primer, some aspects of the headstamp font and shape of numbers, and the fact that there are two other headstamps of the same format and caliber description, but in one instance replacing the Square with “K” and in another replacing it with “KB”, I believe that your #2 headstamp is a product of Kynock, Birmingham. I have no idea why they used a Square for a factory identifier on the third, which I have also. For me, the major departure of the “Square” headstamp from that of “K” and “KB” is the addition of the stick-figure 6-pointed star, but that is not enough to keep me from believing that all three are Kynoch products.

Other details on all three are pretty much the same, such as the roll mouth crimp into a smooth cannelure on the bullet, and the shape and size of the extractor groove and extractor-groove bevel.

Check yours = you probably have all three as well.