7,65 Browning (32 ACP). Identification needed

Hi, bought this little box a while ago. It was sealed and had no obvious maker’s marking on it.
Judging from the text on the label, it came from Germany or Austria.

The rounds have no head stamps. Steel jacket, brass cases. No sealing material on primers or cases.
So this basically rules out RWS/Geco and DWM as makers. Hirtenberger, perhaps?

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Vlim, this is a variation of the same label showing exactly the same description. Cartridges bear no headstamp but the primer cup has an impressed “O” indicating a RWS Sinoxid primer (also used in Geco ammunition).

Here is another one in 6.35 mm Browning (no headstamp, no Sinoxid primer):

Mentioning of the Sauer pistol in a G. C. Dornheim catalog from 1930 (showing Geco and/or RWS ammunition):

The Sauer pistol is also mentioned in German DWA boxes but I’ve never seen any Austrian boxes including this maker.


I have a 1922 advertisement that specifically mentions the presence of a letter ‘D’ and 2 stars on the head stamp of GeCo ammunition of those days.

So it is possible that these boxes are pre-merger RWS I suppose.

Nice box of 32’S!

I know this is an old thread, but if the person owning these cartridges could give me some information as to the Cartridge Over All length as well as the bullet dia.just befor the case , I would appreciate it. Thank You