7,65 Browning for Marocco by SB Vlasim

2 contracts, one for Reexport by A.S.P.T. Security Consultants Ltd, Jabotinsky Str.7, Moshe Aviv Tower, Ramat Gan, Israel…
This Company above acts also as Partner of Barnaul Cartridge plant–

here the 2 headstamps, the first left
SNEX = Surete National Export for or trough above Company for/from marocco
the right one is
DGSN = Direction General de Surete National
for Marocco Police


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Boxes to go with PPs headstamps.
65 Br SENX %26 DGSN
65 Br SENX %26 DGSN a 65 Br SENX %26 DGSN b 65 Br SENX %26 DGSN c
65 Br SENX %26 DGSN e


Bob, do you have any of the rounds?

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