7.65 Browning Long Experimental?

Attached are photos of a cartridge I would like more information on.
The headstamp at top left and cartridge at bottom are the ones in question.
The other is a regular Fiocchi headstamped 7.65 Browning cartridge.


7.70 bullet (bullet, neck, head, rim measurements are the same as regular 7.65 Br.)
8.42 neck
8.47 head
9.04 rim
21.05 case length vs. 16.9-17.28 for regular 7.65 Br.
30.15 overall length vs. 24.6-25.0 for regular 7.65 Br.
Bullet ogive is different also.
Please send me any information you may have or find out about this cartridge.
The person I received this cartridge from indicated it was a experimental cartridge that was developed to provide a more powerful cartridge in in a non-military caliber in Italy.
Bob Ruebel

It may well be experimental, however it may be an untrimmed case that escaped from the factory and someone put a bullet in.

The thought has crossed my mind.
Let see if we get some information from others.

Being a semi rimed round would rule out French long and Bergmann #8. The extractor groove seems shallow but the hs looks the same as the Browning round. Could be what you were told is true.

Bob, look at IAA Journal 434, page 34…an Articel from Vidar Andresen.
He described this cartridge, as coming from Toni Rauch and it should have that purpose, which you was told.
But the bullet in that case is described as having a tombac jacket non magnetic, yours look more as having a brass jacket, which makes me wonder…
He says, there where only 2 known so far…
None of our italian friends have knowledge about this cartridge…or at least none have responded to questions…

There where other articles in ECRA Journal Nr. 462, 481 by Andresen and in 467 by the late Mr. Barlerin, all based on the Article by Andresen. He took measurements from one specimen by Toni Rauch…

Have fun

Bob, we sold one in our sale 12, lot 493 & called it a 7.65x21 SR Lungo (long) $360.00 + 10%
Ca 1960 for a French, Fiocchi client & an unknown to us weapon. That one had a brass jacketed bullet.

The similar problem was wrote in Czech buletin 1/1997, where were several pieces cartridges made from elongated unfinished cases for 7,65 Br. blanks ( for movie or theatre). The cases were around 21,5 mm long. This was individual activity of someone, not factory or experimenal production. Probably here is the same or similar story, maybe - who knows.