7.65 French MAS - Pedersen or what?




Your Picture B is not a French “MAS” (I assume that what you are talking about is the 7.65 French Long cartridge). It is a standard 7.65 Browning (.32 A.C.P.) cartridge with lead bullet, loaded by Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre, of Herstal, Belgium (F.N.). This is a common round. The cartridge labeled as “A” proportionately looks like the French Long, and unheadstamped rounds exist. I have a couple in my own collection. However, I do not “recognize” the head of that cartridge - it simply doesn’t look like any of my unheadstamped French Longs, including the primer. We would need complete measurements (case head, base, mouth, case OAL, cartridge OAL) to tell anything. There are cartridges that are similar enough to the French Long that even in a very, very good picture like yours, proportionately would look similar, but are not that caliber. Most French Longs have a longer, different ogive bullet than what is pictured in “A”. I have one exception in my own collection - a French long from WWII loaded with a .32 Auto French bullet. I am told that it is legitimate, and there is a picture of a similar round in a book on French pistols. If it is real, it was a wartime expedient, for sure. There have also been recent custom rounds in this caliber either made from other cases, or made from the basic 7.65 Long case made by Bertram of Australia, that are found loaded with .32 auto bullets. These rounds seem to feed just fine in the Model 1935A and Model 1935S French Pistols, despite being shorter in OAL than a true 7.65mm French Long cartridge, due to their shorter bullet.



After digesting your reply and doing additional research, I agree with you. Checking my records, I got


Don’t worry, after years of collecting, you will see and learn so much that it will be even more confusing.


Jon and Jones - Amen to what you said Jon. Dont worry Joseph, I am 67, have been cartridge collection for over 40 years, and they still confuse the hell out of me. You can see that from some of the interesting and correct (!) corrections to some of my answers that others have sent in. I can’t even write it off to senility (well, maybe…?). That’s the great thing about this Forum - we all learn. I learn something even in answering some questions. Plenty of them I have to research before attempting an answer.