7,65 Frommer Box

I recently picked up this full, sealed box of 7,65 Frommer. Any idea who made it?



That box was discussed before here:

John Moss may have some new information but had suggested Italian origin.


I think, that this is French made box, or for export to France.

It could be from Leon Beaux, that was a french - italian company

Thanks for the great information.

Any ideas why they would not put the manufacturer’s information, or headstamps on them?


Dave - that is the question I don’t think anyone has a positive, documented answer for across the board of these largely European “anonymous” boxes. Especially in these small calibers, but in things like 9 mm Para also, I have dozens of boxes that do not show the maker’s name. Little information on them other than the caliber. Why? Maybe small contracts for single distributors who requested them that way. That’s just a straight out guess on my part with zero documentation to back it up. In some instances, but probably with headstamped ammo more than unheadstamped, perhaps second grade ammo - that is, ammunition that was safe to fire but did not meet its manufacturer’s normal quality standards.

Again, that’s a tough subject to put a handle on. I, for one, would sure welcome other opinions, especially from Europeans or anyone that has some documentation for even just specific items.

A lack of a headstamp alone could sometimes be because of very limited production that, in the eyes of the manufacturer, did not warrant the price of a headstamp bunter, which in the last century, for the most part, were probably ten times or more the price of them now. Again, only a guess.

I believe that some of these boxes could have been made for Emile Weil, which was a French gun dealer located at 35-37 Passage Choiseul, Paris, and the reason of this is that I have copies of two different 7.65 mm Frommer caliber pistol manuals in French language with a rubber stamp by him. Maybe this is just coincidental, but in either case it is evident that these pistols had some popularity in the French market.