7,65 Mauser FN 35

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I ask for information on the cartridge shown in the picture and produced by FN

The cartridge and color are certainly original, but I have never seen this model. Which specific usage she had?
The ball weighs 11.29 grams
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Giovanni, it looks like a standard Mod. 30 cartridge for this year. Am I missing something?

According to the discussion on 7.65 x 54 Mauser bullets here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=11751 and quoting Fede from that discussion - “Belgian cartridges…those headstamped F N 35 and F N 39 were made for local use (Belgium).”

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Unfortunately I do not have comparative material on the Belgian cartridges
All ordinary (ball) specimens in my possession have a groove, for crimping, on the ball
Plus their bottom is not blue-azure but black

Ours is a wonderful world where you never stop learning …

I tried to connect to the three links, in the post, but they do not work, does anyone know where I can find info on the Belgian cartridges ?
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Giovanni, there are several primer sealant color variations in Mod. 30 cartridges made in the 1930’s. I have seen this same color in cartridges dated “35” and “36” coming from boxes labeled “Pour Fusils Mitrailleurs” (without chargers). Regards, Fede.