7.65 Mauser help

Have a 7.65X53 Mauser spitzer,copper jacketed ball round with purple primer seal. Headstamp is FN 78. Would FN still be supplying this round to Argentina (or ?) at this late date? Is this caliber still on active duty. Thanks for any help with this one, Tom.

FN 78 was very common ammo here in Argentina some years ago.
Mauser rifles were used by some friends at San Antonio Oeste (Patagonia) during Malvinas/Falkland Islands War (1982). Mostly for guarding as a second gun; the rest of us used FALs-
This was the last time the 1909 Mauser was used by Argentine Army.
You can find some FM new cartridge but I was told that they will not make it any more.
Here 7.65x53mm is a very popular hunting cartridge but most hunters preffer the 7,62x51mm NATO.
Hope this helps.

Martin, thanks for the indepth infomation, I will pass this on to the one that gave me the cartridge, Tom.