7,65 mm Browning - strange dou headstamp

The “dou” headstamp on this 7,65 mm cartridge is quite strange for me. All known “dou” headstamps had “U” with “tail” and dot at the end
May be this cartridge was made by Werk Wsetin, instead of standard ammo manufacturer - Werk Povazska Bystrica?
What do you think about this headstamp?
Thanks for any help

In the original German code scheme the dot at the end was also a part of the code; it insured that the code wasn’t seen as reading “nop.” Other “either way up” codes were also treated in this manner. It does provide a reason to doubt the authenticity of the marking, but on the other hand rules sometimes are not followed. Jack

treshkin, this is the correct dou headstamp for this caliber as made by Waffenwerke Brünn A.G., Werk Povazska Bystrica. I don’t know why the dot was omitted, but I think that a possible explanation is that in a two position headstamp its use was not needed.

As far as I know, the headstamp as portrayed in Smatana’s book is not correct.

I have this cartridge in my collection. My opinion is that it was a very late in the war production, and they probably were not following the regulations too closely. Look at the “pjj” code on Danish 9 mm. In both instances, other elements are missing - case metal designator and lot number, and in the instance of the “dou” 7.65 Browning, case metal designator, lot number, and year of case manufacturer. Again, just an opinion on my part. I have never seen much about this cartridge. It seems to be very rare, at least in the USA.

Thank you all for comments