7.65 x 17 box of unknown origin


An old box of 7.65 x 17 Browning cartridges. It must date from 1916-1936 because that’s the period when the tax label attached to the box was in force.

On one of the sides of the box it says “Made in Belgium”.

The cartridges have CN bullets and no headstamp.

Any idea? Maybe FN second quality manufacture?

There was a pistol named Bauer or should it be Sauer?




Schneider, Very nice box. I have the identical box, except on the side mine says “Made in Germany” and the headstamp is SB / * / S / * / which would indeciate Sellier & Bellot, Schoenebeck.

I wonder who the distributor was who used this label and who else may have produced ammunition for them. Perhaps some of the old distributor catalogs have a photo of this box.




I have both boxes, although my Belgian one is in bad shape. There is another box that is not identical, but is similar. It has a picture of the Ortgies Pistol on the top, but it also has the identical pictured of a .32 cartridge, split to put the markings in rectangles exactly like on the box shown. It was made by Deutsche Werk Actiengesellschaft (DWA). There is a similar DWA box in 9 mm Short (.380 Auto), as well as two anonymous boxes even more similar to the one shown in this thread, except having the picture of the pistol on the box, along with the same style of cartridge picture, marked “Made in Austria.” I have two variations of that box, one ov which is marked “RUSTPRUF” with that trademark spelling of Rust Proof. Perhaps the spelling of that will supply a clue. I think I have seen it before, but can’t think from what maker.

The Austrian cartridges are without headstamp. The DWA boxes contain rounds headstamped with their normal “D W A *” marking.

John Moss