7.65 x 53 Argentine Mauser, Turkish?

Turkish ? Date ? Any info? Terry,

Firstly, you have the picture upside down.
The crescent Moon and star are at 9 o’clock. Then the Date (1326) is legible at 6 o’clock ( 1326 Plus 584= 1910 or so, the vagaries of the Turkish calendar give about 6 months either way.) The Turks used “584” rather than 621 (Hegira), as this was the date of the manhood of the Prophet (born about 570 AD, Islam considers manhood attained at age 14, hence 584. as the Turkish calendar reference date). On top of this, the Turkish year was 364 days, and Lunar…with intercalated dyas over the centuries, to “keep in step” with the seasons. Which leads to an approximation of the actual year, plus or minus about 6 months. There are complex calculations to determine exact dates (Months and days) but that is not needed here.

The writing at 12 o’clock signifies “small Mauser” ( as compared to the "big Mauser of 11mm or 9,5mm(M1887); The synbol at 3 o’clock then is an inspection/inspector symbol (?) also seen on Turkish M<auser rifles.

Manufacturer? Could be German ( DWM) or could be Turkish…The Germans set up a cartridge factory in Turkey in 1907-8. This factory filled German cases, and also, by WW I, made its own cases.

Nice Find.
Regards, Doc AV

Thanks Doc, I have had it among other 7.65 x 53 for a while, listed as possible Turkish, I looked at the date being 1326 and assumed it had something to do with there calender, or my miss interpretation. or perhaps it was an arrow for a bow !!
and not really a cartridge at all.
It will now be catalogued correctly.
Thanks again Terry.