7.65 x 53mm


Does anyone know who made these rounds? Remington?

1914-1918.invisionzone.com/forum … 677937.jpg



Tony - are they Boxer primed? The headstamp doesn’t look anything like any Remington headstamp bunter I have seen. It is more like Hirtenberger, although I am not sure about that, either.


I have that round, and another with a BELG 7.65m/m hs. There is some similarity with the caliber designation format. I have the second listed as a UMC contract for Belgium. Hope that helps a bit.


The hds on the left is pratically identical to that on some 7.65 mm Browning ( 32 ACP) and 9 x 21 ammo made by Hirtemberger ( probably it can be found on other calibers too) . I agree with John about the Hirtemberger origin of the first one


Thanks chaps for the input.

These were recovered from an area that saw action by the Belgian army in both World Wars.

Does anyone know if Hirtenberger made contract ammunition for Belgium, either Dordrecht or Austria? If they are Hirtenberger and WWI period I presume they were supplied before the war!



I believe WWI would be too early for Hirtenberger to have used that format headstamp, but again, I could be wrong. I am just going by what I know from auto pistol rounds. I could have been way off on that guess. But, the whole headstamp just doesn’t look American to me. Again, I could be wrong. I should butt out of this being out of my field.

No one has mentioned yet if they are Boxer-primed or Berdan-Primed. That might help a bit, although not be definitive, of course.

John Moss


Tony & Jon, I went through some UMC records I have and there is no record that UMC ever had a contract for this caliber with Belgium. There is a Turkish contract listed from 1908 but nothing else but notes on commercial production. These records were updated into 1912.