7.65 x 54 Belgian Mauser Dummy


A 7.65 x 54 Belgian Mauser Dummy. Tinned or Nickeled case. No core in the bullet jacket. Headstamp is : B 8 06 Who made it? Thanks! May also be 8 90



Maybe Arthur Krupp, Berndorf, Austria, 1890? Jack



That would be one of my guesses, the other being Braun & Bloem (If they were around in 1890 ?), so I’ll go with Berndorf unless we learn otherwise…



There is a known Berndorf-made 7.9 m/m cartridge with a headstamp almost exactly like this one, differing only in month indicated. Jack


Randy, that’s a super headstamp on a 7.65x54 dummy. Jack is correct, it was made in 1890 by Berndorfer Metallwaaren-Fabrik Arthur Krupp. Those I have seen are filled with a wood spacer, same month.




Thank you, Fede and Jack …
I have it recorded as Berndorfer. If there is a wood distance piece within, it is still tight and makes no noise when the cartridge is shaken. Shall I cut it open to find out ??? Fede, I see you cringing and tearing out your hair !!

Don’t WORRY…The cartridge will remain as it is…