7,65 x 54 DWM 367C

I have this ammunition in collection.
I have never seen this type of bullet and I would like to have information.
Thanks in advance.

Being of what looks to be turned brass and with the crimps not being machine applied but maybe with a screwdriver & hammer, I’d say it was something someone felt the case needed for it’s case-life to be complete. Some people can not abide an empty case

In other words a stuffer.

Relatively rare headstamp, too, in my opinion…


Not implying anything, but the resemblance is sort of interesting:

vickers59 photo from above, flipped 180 degrees.

Supercavitating MEA Ammunition, DSG, 2015. MEA-brochure.pdf (371.6 KB)


I too had a big doubt.
Thank you for your answers