7.65 x 54 Mauser Dummy Cartridges

Recently acquired are these 7.65 x 54 Mauser dummy cartridges. The two on the left were made by Winchester and are headstamped BELG. 7.65 M/M . The third from left is headstamped E P 99 (the 99 is “almost” missing a 9 but I am fairly certain it is correct). The cartridge on the right is headstamped REM-UMC 7.65 m/m All have a hardened gutta percha type material in the primer pocket. The E P (Ecole Pyrotechnique) cartridge was originally a Belgian case which I assume was made into a dummy in Belgium. I assume the U.S. made cases were sent to Belgium as loaded cartridges and made into dummies there. Additions ? Corrections ?



Your thoughts ?


Randy, I agree, I think all these dummies were made from fired cases at the EP in Anvers (you can also find other headstamps like SA, FN or RA). A modified charger having five holes was also made to be used with these dummies.



Thank You, Fede,

See attached PDF, I wonder about the REM-UMC at the bottom with fluted case and bullet.

GWB 7.65 EP.pdf (70.0 KB)