7.65 X 54 Mauser Headstamp

Hi, All…

Please see the drawing…

Could those of you more fluent than I in the Arabic language please:
A) Correct if I am mistaken in the comments already made.
B) Comment on what the other characters mean.


The 309 is correct, and the other side does say “Little Mauser”, but I couldn’t say which side means which.

Randy, the five characters on the right areماوزر and can be readed as “Mavzr”, “Maozr” or “Mauzr” (= Mauser). The ones on the left represent some Arabic equivalent of Turkish word “küçük” (little, small). Some Turkish texts describes the 7.65 mm Mauser rifle as the “küçük çapa Mauser” or “küçük çaplı Mauser” (small diameter Mauser). Hijri year 1309 starts with Muharram 1, 1309 (= August 6, 1891) and ends with Dhul-Hijjah 30, 1309 (= July 25, 1892).

This cartridge was made by DM-K and I’ve seen this same date in Turkish labeled boxes mixed with cartridges headstamped 18 D. M. 92 K. and mounted in copper-washed steel clips.

I really appreciate your posts about 7.65 x 54 mm Mauser variations; this is a wonderful round for collecting and there are thousands of variations to look for. I’ve found more than 1000 variations only in Argentina and there are many more if you include Belgium, Turkey and other countries. A book about these may come in the future.