7.65 x 54 Mauser


I have a 7.65 X 54 Mauser with a GM pointed FMJ bullet and a red primer annulus. The headstamp is “S.F.” 81 7.65 X 54. I assume that it is a product of F


Ron, you are right about the factory. I can not tell if it was produced for the military or what, because I am too young. But I know for sure it is s.S. Ball, primer annulus indicating nothing. 9mm Para from SF from the same date had also a red primer annulus.


Fernando - Demasiado joven para un cartucho desde 1981? Cuando naci


Yes, John, that’s right. I was born five years later than the cartridge… I always look at the bright side though, being young I should have time to get more cartridges for the collection…


Amigo Fernando - a este momento, mi sembra muy viejo. Yo nac