7.65 x 54mm Belgian/Argentine Question

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I have four cartridges, 7.65 x 54mm Belgian, all made by Kynoch in 1933, all with headstamp K33 7.65. One Tracer, red tip on CNCS bullet and red PA, One AP, green tip on GM bullet and green PA, One Incendiary, blue tip on CNCS bullet and blue PA, and lastly, One Incendiary, blue tip on 2-piece CNCS bullet and blue PA. All primers are flat brass cup.

These were obviously made on contract for ?? Argentina ??

Are there other dates or headstamps ?

Peter (enfield56), do you have any drawings ?

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The ones dated 1933 were exclusively made for Argentina. Other dates usually found here are 1932, 1934 and 1935, but not in all loadings.

Hello, Fede…

I KNEW you would come through with some good info …Thanks !!..Do you have “Specification #468” mentioned at the bottom of the drawing?


I have checked the Kynoch specifications I have but regrettably do not have No.468. I have 463 and 470 but no 468!

I also have the same drawing from the specification that Fede posted as well as a number of other Kynoch 7.65mm drawings of the Belgian, Turkish and South American versions of different loadings. Similarly I have drawings for some of the various Kynoch 7x57mm contract rounds of the period. There is too much to post, but if there is any specific item you are after I will have a look to see if I can help.

The drawings Peter has been posting are from British military Small Arms Committee Minutes and Ordnance Board Proceedings held in the Royal Armouries library so would not cover commercial contracts like the above.


Tony, are you able to post the drawings of the Turkish loads? I’ll be very grateful!

I will need to dig out the drawings and scan them but I am very busy this week. I will try to do it either over the week end or next week.


Tony, thank you very much in advance!

Here are the Kynoch drawings of the Turkish flame tracer and smoke tracer (Buckingham type incendiary).

Sorry for the poor quality but these were photocopies taken from pencil originals.


Tony, thank you very much! Are there some drawnigs of ball rounds/bullets or just special ones?

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Here you have a drawing for the Turkish S bullet:

Thanks for the addition too!

Here is Fede’s drawing, re-drawn for clarity and keeping as close to the original as possible…


Thanks for redrawing the scheme, Randy, it became very neat!