7.65m/m Pb SAKO 1932

  1. Does anyone have one have a 7.65m/m Parabellum headstamped ‘SAKO 1932’?
  2. Does anyone have one for sale or trade. They should not be uncommon - I believe at least a million were made - but outside my usual area of interest now.
    Regards JohnP-C.


What I know, there was no “SAKO 1932” hs in 7,65 Pb. First hs was “SAKO 7,65” and these cases are made by Gustav Genshow and loaded 1933-1939.


John - I have never seen a “SAKO 1932” headstamp on 7.65m/m Parabellum, either. The only dated SAKO-made 7.65 Paras I have seen are “S-40. 7,65MM.”; “SO50 7.65MM” and “5-SAKO-8-7,65-”. The early SAKOS, as the first responder said, were made by GECO/RWS and can be found with plain brass primer, Sinoxid “O” brass primer and Sinoxid “O” copper primer.

The only 1932-dated 7.65m/m Para round I have is Kynoch, headstamped
"K 32 7.65.P."


John & Hammer - I have never seen a ‘Sako 1932’ hst on a 7.65Pb. I ask because I recently found an order for Kynoch to supply 10,000 cases with this hst - and if satisfactory an order would follow for 1M cases. Have attached photocopies of both orders. Hard to believe they would make a headstamp bunter for 10,000 cases but with the possibility of another 1M…? The order for primed cases sounds similar to orders made later to Geco. Note though that the final order (for Finland) is for cartridges - not cases. The ‘K 32 7.65Pb’ would seem appropriate for that order. Unfortunately I did not copy the adjoining page which specifies loading details & my Kynoch 7.65Pb Loading Cards only go back to 1935 so will try to pick up more info on next trip to UK. Anyone seen a box for the ‘K 32 7.65Pb’ hst? Thanks both for your info - let me know of any source for this cartridge. Regards JohnP-C



Sorry - first go at this! JP-C